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Kicking the Watchdog using CAN on S12(X)

Question asked by Peter Tang on Jul 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2013 by Peter Tang

Hi All,


I am relatively new to working with Freescale chips (and the embbeded world in general), so please bear with me!

I am using CodeWarrior 5.9.0 with Processor Expert 3.04 and working on MC9S12XET256MAA controllers.

This is actually 2 questions in one; but first here is the context:

  • I have a CAN bus between two uC
    • One a "Master", the other a "Slave"
  • Master sends a CAN msg to Slave
  • Slave receives the msg and sends an ack CAN msg.
  • Slave has a Watchdog which is Kicked when the Slave receives the Master's CAN msg.
    • If the Watchdog is not kicked, it will "bark" and cause the Slave to Reset



  1. How do I know that the Watchdog caused the Reset?
    • I want the Slave to do something different if the Watchdog barks
  2. Is there a way to react to the most recent Rx CAN msg rather than when it is Full?
    • I have set up internal counters to see which msg the Slave reacts to.
    • There is always a count difference of 4 between the Slave and Master. I'm assuming this is due to the Rx buffer...
    • I want the Slave to react to the msg it just received, not an old one.