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Beginning with ARM Cortex LPC

Question asked by Hugo NICOLAS on Jun 11, 2019
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I am very new to the arm cortex world, and I have to work with a LPC5411xx for an internship project. Sadly, I am completely lost, and I dont know how to learn to use this MCU, and I have many questions.

I bought the demo board LPCXpresso 5411xx, but even simple example are difficult to understand. (I am using MCUXpresso IDE).

- How can I create a simple project to begin (File>New>Project>C/C++>C project) without unnecessary file for the demo board ? I have created a C project but I dont have a main.c. In the example, there are many others files that I also dont have (drivers ...), why ?



- How to learn the syntax of ARM cortex in MCUXpresso ?

- Is it possible to work without demo board ?

- How to learn the base of MCUXpresso, it looks like every tutorial/forum on internet are made for none beginner users.

- I am trying to just turn a pin from 0 to 1, which was easy when I was working with Microchip PIC MCU, but even this seems very hard with the LPC5411xx. How can you program a simple action like this ? I am kind of desperate.


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