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Internal Temperature (TSENS0-1) in MPC5744P (MBD)

Question asked by Abhishek Kumar on Mar 21, 2019
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I am using NxP Model Based Design Toolbox for MPC57xx an the micro used is MPC5744P (144LQFP)

I want to get the internal temperature (TSENS0 and TSENS1), as shown in below snapshot.

I looked into the ADC block (in Simulink Libraries) but ADC0 - 15 is not a electable option.

Is it because it is not available for 144LQFP and 257BGA (as in package column in the below snapshot it is grayed out for Package Availability, so a bit confusing. Ext pin should be grayed out but not the Package Availability).


If it is available, then how can I access TSENS0-1?

Thanks for your help. 


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