Enable CAAM accelerating in OP-TEE on i.MX8QXP/QM platform(L4.14.98 GA)

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Most i.MX8QXP/QM customers already work on L4.14.98 GA for their Auto product, like C-V2X TBOX, Car infortainment system. Some customers also want to adopt OP-TEE in their security design, but OP-TEE on i.MX8QXP/QM platform don't support HW cryptography accelerating which base on CAAM module. So I worked on the issue last week and fixed it.

The package meta-optee-add-on_4.14.98_2.0.0_ga.tgz is Yocto layer which includes all patches for fixing the issue.

Software environments as the belows:

Linux kernel: imx_4.14.98_2.0.0_ga

HW platform:  i.MX8QM/QXP MEK.

How to build:

1, decompress meta-optee-add-on_4.14.98_2.0.0_ga.tgz and copy meta-optee-add-on to folder (Yocto 4.14.98_2.0.0_ga dir)/sources/

2, Run DISTRO=fsl-imx-wayland MACHINE=imx8qxpmek source fsl-setup-release.sh -b build-optee and add BBLAYERS += " ${BSPDIR}/sources/meta-optee-add-on " into (Yocto 4.14.98_2.0.0_ga dir)/build-optee/conf/bblayers.conf 

3, Run bitbake fsl-image-validation-imx.

4, You can run xtest or xtest -l 1 4007 on your MEK board to test optee crypto feature after completing build image. You can find it only take about one second comparing no CAAM accelerating when test "regression_4007.11 Generate RSA-2048 key".

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