S32 Design Studio for ARM 2018.R1 (Windows/Linux) released!

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Product Release Announcement

Automotive Microcontrollers and Processors

S32 Design Studio for ARM






February 6, 2017


NXP Semiconductors is pleased to announce the release of the S32 Design Studio for ARM 2018.R1 for Automotive and Ultra-Reliable MCUs. The S32 Design Studio is based on the Eclipse open development platform and integrates the Eclipse IDE, GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), GNU Debugger (GDB), and other open-source software to offer designers a straightforward development tool with no code-size limitations.

Red highlighted items below are new/updated features in comparison to previous releases/updates.

Release content (What is new?)

  • Eclipse Neon 4.6 Framework
  • GNU Tools for ARM® Embedded Processors (Launchpad) build (4.9.3 20150529)
  • ARM64: Linaro GCC 4.9-2015.05
  • GNU Tools for ARM® Embedded Processors build (6.3.1 20170824) - supported by New Project Wizard for S32K1xx device. See the complete GNU ARM 6.3.1 release notes attached below.
    GCC Source code package is available here.
  • Libraries included: newlib, newlib-nano and ewl2 (ewl and ewlnano).
  • GDB 7.12.1 with Python
  • P&E Multilink/Cyclone/OpenSDA (with P&E GDB Server) - updated (v3.3.5.201801101746)
  • SEGGER J-Link (with SEGGER GDB Server) - updated (V6.22e_B180108)
  • New Project wizard to create application and library projects for supported devices
  • Fully integrated S32 SDK for S32K14x EAR release v.0.8.6. For the details on the feature set of SDK please refer to SDK Release notes and Reference Manuals. S32 SDK Release notes attached.Please note that S32K SDK has Early Access Release status, that means that there could be some limitations and issues. The S32K SDK is available for Windows host only. There is limitation on the supported GreenHills compiler version – the SDK released with GreenHills v2014.4, but due to GreenHills plugin limitation support for GreenHills compiler v2017.1 integrated, so new project wizard would not provide possibility to create SDK project with GreenHills compiler.
  • SDK management included
  • Import projects from CodeWarrior for MCU v.10.6 and Kinetis Design Studio for respective supported processors
  • IAR v7.x and v8.11.2 compiler support by new project wizard
  • GreenHills v2017.1.4 compiler support by new project wizard
  • iSystem, Lauterbach and IAR debuggers support by new project wizard.
  • Kernel Aware debugging for FreeRTOS, OSEK.
  • MQX 4.2 for MAC57D54H with possibility to create project from example
  • Devices supported
    • S32K144 v2.0, S32K142, S32K146, S32K148
    • S32V234
    • MAC57D54
  • Getting started page to allow the centralized access to documentation and additional materials

Bug Fixes

  • Updated header and register description files to fix issues and synchronize with latest Ref Manual versions
  • [S32DS-4629] Clean rule doesn't work after particular user actions in "C/C++ Build -> Behavior"
  • [S32DS-301] After some debugging work (using BP, Stepping, Resume...) Disassembly view content disappears.
  • [S32DS-1093] Debugging session hangs when "c" step over is done on a loop statement that has its entire block in a single line.
  • [S32DS-273] Can not suspend after set condition of breakpoint = 0 and resume
  • [S32DS-61] Breakpoint properties disappeared after right-click into breakpoint
  • [S32DS-6072] Unable to export S32K144 SDK project into ProjectInfo.xml


The complete S32 Design Studio for ARM 2018.R1 release notes are attached below.

Installation Notes

Please visit the S32DS for ARM product page - download section to download the installer.

The installer requires the NEW Activation ID to be entered during the installation.

You should receive an email that includes your Activation ID after starting the download.


Technical Support

S32 Design Studio issues are tracked through the S32DS Public NXP Community space:




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