How to add new vbs for a new imx board in MFGTOOL

Document created by Pete Zhang Employee on Oct 14, 2015
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The vbs file is a script file in mfgtool. In fsl android lollipop consolidate and later MFGTOOL version, You just need add a new vbs item for new board and have not need to change the ucl2.xml. The below is the example struct.


Set wshShell = CreateObject("") "mfgtool2.exe -c ""linux"" -l ""SDCard-Android"" -s ""board=sabresd"" -s ""folder=sabresd"" -s ""soc=6dl"" -s ""mmc=2"" -s ""data_type=-f2fs"""

Set wshShell = Nothing


Explain for each option:


-l: storage type

     There three type for android: Nand-Android\eMMC-Android\SDCard-Android

-s: extend variable

     board: It is used to download uboot and dts in init system.

     folder: there are three type: sabresd sabreauto evk

               the android image is located in: files/android/%folder%/

     soc: Used to define android image name. types: 6q, 6dl, 6sx, 6sl.

     mmc: define the storage idex.

     data_type: if the type of data partition is f2fs, need define data_type=-f2fs

     ldo: if the board is 1.2G, need to define it to -ldo

     plus: if the board is 6qp, need too define it to p

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