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Size of app exceeds license?

Question asked by Tom Skwara on Jun 17, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2011 by Tom Skwara

I'm following the the TWR-K60N512 Quick Start Demo Lab Guide for MQX 3.7 Rev 3.


I installed CW10.1 evaluation version, which I'm assuming is a 30-day pass to build up to a full 512K.  I followed all steps in the guide (build all libs, etc.).  Then after building the TWR-K60N512_Quick_Start_Demo project, I keep getting two errors:


  • make: *** [K60_QSD.afx] Error 1
  • Size of application has exceeded the capability of this license.  Contact your authorized...

I check the Freescale Licenses from the Help pull down, and see no licenses lists (as expected, I guess).  All buttons other than the close button grayed out.


I'm just trying to get on first base here, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Also, since I'll eventually buy a license, any recommendations on which license to buy?  I'm a single individual developer that needs to build on a desktop and occasionally on a laptop.  Cost is a concern but I need to build for large memory.


Thanks in advance!