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"gptin" (general purpose timer inputs) driver for MQX on MCF52259

Question asked by gilles buloz on Mar 3, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2013 by gilles buloz

Hi all,


I have developped a simple driver to measure the period of a signal on a GPT (general purpose timer) pin configured as input.

I currently use it with MQX 3.4 to measure the speed of some fans having a tachometer output connected to GPT0 through GTP3 pins.

This is a quite specific usage of the GPT module where only the input mode is used, and I don't know i this could be useful to someone.


The driver has 4 IOCTLs :

- one to confgure the GTP module (prescaler, ...)

- one to configure a specific pin for measurement (choose trig on rising, falling, or both edges, ...)

- one to start measuring on a pin (measure can be done simultaneously on seveal pins)

- one to stop measuring on a pin and get min/max period between trigs and trig count since measure was started


If someone is interested I can provide the source code.