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CW v10 not working with PE DEMOJM board

Question asked by donw on Sep 10, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2010 by HCatalin

Hi all

I am trying to get CW v10 to download code to the P&E DemoJM board.

(Win7, 64 bit )

The board works OK under CW 6.1. 

The 'P&E Connection Assistant' in the debugger shows that the board is connected 'USB-ML12: DEMOJM on USB1'

but it just says 'an error occurred', retry when trying to download code.

the error message 'HC GDI Protocol Adapter:  Can't connect . The debugger cannot connect to the PE device.' when quitting the connection.

The first time I connected there was a (fast) code update of the multilink code in the board.


the HCS08 debugger is 10.0.0.FSL_b2619


Has anyone had CW working with this board? (or is there a bug as in CW v6.3 which does the same thing)