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Source/Destination values In Assembly Instructions

Discussion created by Michael Collier on Jan 28, 2010
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Looking at different device families...


With AVR I'd use:


  <SomeInstruction> Destination , Source

  MOV r0,r1 ; move r1 into r0


With PIC I'd use:


 <SomeInstruction> Source , Destination

 MOV w0 , w1 ; move w0 into w1


For Freescale I'd use:


 <SomeInstruction> Source , Destination


I prefer "thinking" Source,Destination because it looks like stuff is moving from left to right so it's more intuitive (to me at least), and this is how I'd like to build my macros and explain to students.


But I'm not familiar with all freescale products, and products from other manufacturers, so would people agree that the Source,Destination is the most widely supported "way" at least for freescale products, do people know about other assembly languages that are popular that use the opposite way??


Any help, ideas thoughts welcome...Thanks