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HCS12 Placing variables in EEPROM

Question asked by Mohamed Othman on Jun 25, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2010 by Matias Chavanne


I want to ask about placing variables in EERPOM for HCS12 - DP512.

1. The EEPROM manual states that the EEPROM is organaized in 16bits rows. Does that mean that I can't wirte one byte to certain memory location in EEPORM. Hence, I have to use 16bit pointers?. (I tried locating one byte in EEPORM, but CW didn't take it. Actually it compiled it but never located in EEPROM. It gave it just random address 0x0000!!).


2. In CW, when I flashed a value to EEPROM variable (using some functions I wrote), I counldn't verify that by looking at the memory map in CW (debug) as it doesn't reflect the new value of the EEPROM variable. I had to send it out via SCI to actually verify that the EEPROM has been seccussfully flashed. Any reasons/explanation/comments?