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[SecureProvisioningTool] Can not boot binary if axf file is used for build image

Question asked by Hiroshi Hiraga Employee on Jul 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2020 by Hiroshi Hiraga



When i tried to build the image of axf file with unsigned boot type, it won't boot the binary from Flash correctly. 


I did build the image on MCUXPresso IDE with the preprocessor define, XIP_BOOT_HEADER_ENABLE =0, and debug console is set to UART instead of semihosting. 

Then, go back to the Secure provisioning tool, "Boot Type" is selected to "unsigned" and Boot Device is selected to "Flex-spi-nor/IS25LPxxxA_IS25WPxxxA".

Then, select the binary, MIMXRT1062xxxxA_Project_XIP.axf. I can find the start address which is 0x60002000 and it should be correct.

Then, finally I program the unsigned binary image in the flash using the "Write Image" tab.

It was done successfully without any fail. 


However, it doesn't boot the binary correctly, meaning it won't show "Hello World" in the terminal.


If I select .bin file instead of .axf file when I build the image on the SecurepProvisioningTool and specify the correct start address by manual, It boots up correctly in the same manner of writing the image in Flash above.


Why axf file can not be used for my case?