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MCUXpresso BUG: Wrong arm mathlib for K64F

Question asked by Dave Nadler on Jul 12, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2020 by Dave Nadler

MCUXpresso 11.1 on Windows 10, Kinetis K64F, using CMSIS DSP.
With MCUXpresso, I created a new FreeRTOS project.

Project generated contains a copy of math library libs\libarm_cortexM7l_math.a (and includes this library in .cproject).

Bug: K64F is not an M7, its an M4.
Consequently project fails to link with errors like:

.axf uses VFP register arguments, libarm_cortexM7l_math.a(arm_rfft_fast_init_f32.o) does not.

The required library file is arm_cortexM4lf_math.a !


NXP, can you please:

  1. Tell me where you have hidden the arm CMSIS libraries!
    In prior MCUXpresso releases, they were installed under C:\NXP\CMSIS, for example:
    Prior MCUXpresso releases generated project with build variable CMSIS_LOC pointing to above directory, and did not place a copy within each project.
    Where is the correct library so I can add it to my project?
  2. Confirm you have reproduced this bug placed it in your bug tracker


Best Regards, Dave