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BLE finding correct handle ID

Question asked by on Jul 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2020 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez

Using QN908x BLE SDK.

How can I find the handle_id for given attribute the simplest way on the connected BLE device?


Something like get_handle id for: service_hex/attribute_hex path

Or can I hard code handle ID, is it same for a BLE profile across iphone/android? 


The longest and only way I found was:


gatt discover 0 -all   // uses GattClient_DiscoverAllPrimaryServices
--> Discovered primary services: 3

--> Generic Attribute Start Handle: 1 End Handle: 5
  - Service Changed Value Handle: 3

--> Generic Access Start Handle: 20 End Handle: 28
  - Device Name Value Handle: 22
  - Appearance Value Handle: 24
  - Central Address Resolution Value Handle: 26

--> User Data Start Handle: 40 End Handle: 65535
  - Serial Number String Value Handle: 42      <---- I'm looking for this number      


gatt discover 0 -service service_hex  

--> Discovered primary services: 1

--> User Data Start Handle: 40 End Handle: 65535   ---> misses 42


Can I use the absolute address of uuid to read out its value (with GattClient_ReadCharacteristicValue)?

What's the point of the uuid if not?