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MCUX and WICED Murata 1DX - Bluetooth Stack?

Question asked by Seongryong Kim on Jul 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2020 by Jing Pan

I have long been waiting for the Wiced Bluetooth Stack to be supported on RT1060 + Murata 1DX.


I read this plan for the first time at the following link.

I am wondering if this plan is still in progress and when will it be released?     
I believe the stack implementation is lwip. No custom firmware is required.  Even manufacturing test firmware is included in the release which allow users to run WLAN RF testing.  Bluetooth is going to be released.  The software has been ported from Cypress' WICED implementation; so it is the Cypress WICED BT stack. 


Bluetooth is not available at this release. We plan add it later this year. Bluetooth SW for 4343W is currently through Cypress only.  And yes, BT is connected through UART.