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Is there any example about S12ZVML31_BLDC with Sensor?

Question asked by sarah wang on Jun 16, 2020
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I'm studying on the S12ZVM32EVB, and the motor can work using the attachment of AN5176 which is sensorless.

I want to use sensor to get the location, so I try to use the attachment of AN4718 with hall sensor. I do following two things:

1) Use the AN4718 project and modify file S12zvm.prm to fit for S12ZVML31, sensorless and with sensor both can't work. Is there any other places should I modify?

2) Use the AN5176 project and modify file MC9S12ZVML31_BLDC_Sensorless.c based on MC9S12ZVML128_BLDC.c, sensorless and with sensor both can't work. 


I compare file MC9S12ZVML128_BLDC.c of AN4718 and file MC9S12ZVML31_BLDC_Sensorless.c of AN5176, the timer channel assignment are different, HV_init() and LIN_init() used in AN5176, and APP improvement in AN4718, it seems that there is not any difference between them. Is there any important things I miss? Or there is any example about S12ZVML31_BLDC with Sensor? Thank you very much.


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