Matthieu Baudry

KW35/36 to KW37/38/39 migration: flashloader UART0 pinning

Discussion created by Matthieu Baudry Employee on May 27, 2020

User will be concerned by this note in the following cases: 

- migration from KW35/36_HVQFN48 Wettable Flank package version to KW37/38/39 

- Flashloader is used via UART0 interface 


So, KW35/36_HVQFN48 Wettable Flank package version and KW37/38/39 are pin to pin compatible. 

In order to keep more flexibility on KW37/38/39 pins used for the flashloader have been updated for UART0.

KW35/36 UART0 pin: PTC2_UART0_RX, PTC18_UART0_RX

KW37/38/39 UART0 pin: PTC6_UART0_RX, PTC7_UART0_RX    (PTC18 is kept for SPI only)



The flashloader is programmed in the NXP factory to allow the user to dowload its own code. 

To know more on Flashloader:

To know more on KW37/38/39: KW39/38/37 32-bit Bluetooth 5.0 Long-Range (please refer to Reference MAnual for Flasloader interface listing)


User migrating from KW35/36_HVQFN48 Wettable Flank package version to KW37/38/39 and using flashloader via follwing interfaces are not concerned: I2C, SPI or CAN