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RT1064 ENET module incorrectly triggers a receive interrupt.

Question asked by zeyong yang on May 19, 2020
Latest reply on May 25, 2020 by Kerry Zhou

Hello !


I have two RT1064 boards(A and B) and communicate via Ethernet and found a incomprehensible problem.


Test results: Board A sends messages to Board B via Ethernet 10 times in total, with a length of 60 bytes and a transmission interval of 30us. The ENET module of board B can trigger a reception interrupt and receive the correct message. Board A triggers transmission interrupt after calling ENET_Sendframe to send the messages


I added a variable to the interrupt processing function of fslenet.c to count the number of interrupts.The number of transmission interrupt counts of board A is 10. But sometimes Board B will repeatedly enter the interrupt by mistake, which is shown as the number of B board reception interrupt is more than 10


Has anyone encountered this kind of problem?Can you give me some suggestions?


Thank you!