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Why Ethernet cable unplugging cause connection error to TCP client?

Question asked by JIWON KIM on May 8, 2020
Latest reply on May 14, 2020 by Felix Shih

Hi All,


I'm using imxrt1060 evk board. I run simple modbus TCP server program using lwip socket on the board. I'm trying to test if the connection (or socket) is kept after I unplug and re-connect an Ethernet cable. If the connection is kept then modbus TCP client on PC can still communicate with the server. I expected the connection would be kept, but it wasn't. The unplugging Ethernet cable caused an error to the modbus client somehow so the connection seems lost. The modbus kept sending a packet but the server didn't receive any packet from the client. However, if I opened other modbus client program and connected it to the server then it could connect and send/receive a packet. It seems it caused by raw level software such as phy device driver or  hardware or something else.


Can anyone help me on this matter?