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toolchain location path for IMX8M Mini EVK yocto project

Question asked by Sreedhar A on Apr 23, 2020
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I am working with IMX8M Mini EVK and yocto project build details:


Build Configuration:
BB_VERSION = "1.38.0"
BUILD_SYS = "x86_64-linux"
NATIVELSBSTRING = "ubuntu-16.04"
TARGET_SYS = "aarch64-poky-linux"
MACHINE = "imx8mmevk"
DISTRO = "fsl-imx-xwayland"
DISTRO_VERSION = "4.14-sumo"
TUNE_FEATURES = "aarch64"


I am able to build the images.

I would like to know the toolchain name and location path.


From the doc: i.MX_Yocto_Project_User's_Guide.pdf


section 5.3 : Building an Image

The Yocto Project build uses the bitbake command. For example, bitbake <component> builds the named component.

Each component build has multiple tasks, such as fetching, configuration, compilation, packaging, and deploying to the target

rootfs. The bitbake image build gathers all the components required by the image and build in order of the dependency per

task. The first build is the toolchain along with the tools required for the components to build.

The following command is an example on how to build an image:

$ bitbake fsl-image-validation-imx


Could you please tell me the toolchain name and location path:


Thank you,