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How to use eDMA receive UART end interrupt ?

Question asked by 王 从伟 on Mar 15, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2020 by Daniel Martynek

Dear All,

I want to ask a question : eDMA receive UART data. But I can't found the UART reveive end Interrupt.


I want to send a respionse UARTdata immediately after receive UART end edge.


Where is the eDMA receive end ISR?


LPUART configuration : 


DMA configuration : (DMA Callback is not configure, can' t change name,)


SW code run : 

receive UART data use " LPUART_DRV_ReceiveData(INST_LPUART0, (UINT8 *)DataBuf, DataLen)"

I only use "  LPUART_DRV_GetReceiveStatus(INST_LPUART0, NULL)" to check the receive is completed or not.

But sometimes "LPUART_DRV_GetReceiveStatus()" is wrong and can't return "STATUS_SUCCESS".


I use SDK 3.0


Thank you