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Question asked by 君喆 俞 on Mar 3, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2020 by Lukas Zadrapa

我将s32r274rruevb连接pemicro下载器,再接pc,然后在s32ds上运行一个s32ds自带的s32r27的spi master example,debug以后,无报错,且s32r274rruevb总电流发生变化。但是进入debug界面之后,resume程序代码,再用示波器测s32r274rruevb上的f15引脚,即quick start guide中标注的spi时钟信号引脚,却无法测得spi时钟信号,请问我是缺少什么步骤吗?还是因为什么原因?谢谢。





I connected s32r274rruevb to pemicro downloader, then connected to pc, and then ran a s32r27 spi master example on s32ds. After debugging, no error was reported, and the total current of s32r274rruevb changed. But after entering the debug respective, resume the program code, and then use the oscilloscope to measure the f15 pin on the s32r274rruevb, that is, the spi clock signal pin marked in the quick start guide, but I could not get the spi clock signal. Is there anything I am missing? Or for some reason? Thank you.