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QN9020. Any documentation on the bootloader

Question asked by Tony Makkiel on Jan 6, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2020 by Tony Makkiel

Is there any documentation, I can refer to which details how the bootloader works, please? As per "UM10995 " section 4, there are 3 major operation. I am after details on how the update over SWD works. As per the Keil configuration the image is flashed to the System SRAM. How/What triggers the bootloader to load the application onto the Flash?


Section 4 says the bootlader looks for a connection for UART and SPI. What is the connection timeout for the bootloader? Section 4 points to 5.4.3. But that section appears to be missing. in the document. Does it mean CMD COde 0x33? How does this work when using JLINK SWD?