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FreeMASTER 3.0 no Plug-in module

Question asked by Hurek Dariusz on Dec 16, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2019 by Michal Hanak

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen,
I bought a TWR-KM34Z75M development board and try to realize a 1-phase energy measurement with it.
My programming development environment (IDE) is the IAR EW with version 8.40.2.


I have downloaded sample programs for this (
in this archive under KM34Z75_EXAMPLES\build\iar_7_40\projects\_1phmeter_example you can find a sample project about my topic.


Also a PDF_file is provided for explanation (readme.pdf).


There are the settings shown in the different programs you should do. Since it is an example program for the development environment IDE IAR EW created, I do not have to change there.

But the settings for the second program for visualization (FreeMASTER 3.0) I have to do completely by myself.

It fails however ready at the setting of the interface.


Next you will see an excerpt from the readme.pdf file page 5.




and here an excerpt from my program:




Unfortunately I can't select a plug-in module and I don't know why.


Could someone help me out in this matter ?

Thanks in beforehand.