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blhost "-- receive-sb-file" timeout when erasing flash

Question asked by Tony Thurgood on Dec 13, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2019 by Kerry Zhou

I am using windows based blhost.exe to download to an iMXRT1021/ext flash target, which is working ok. But only if I choose to erase a minimal amount of flash. We have 4Mbyte qspi device.


In the file, I have...


#2 Erase flash as needed.
erase 0x60000000..0x600e0000;          << this is ok
erase 0x60000000..0x600f0000;           << this fails


Ping responded in 1 attempt(s)
Inject command 'receive-sb-file'
Preparing to send 153056 (0x255e0) bytes to the target.
Successful generic response to command 'receive-sb-file'
Error: read_start_byte() timeout after 5.097 seconds
Data phase write aborted by status 0x5 kStatus_Timeout
Error: read_data_packet found unexpected packet type 0xa1
Response status = 10004 (0x2714) No response packet from target device.
Wrote 0 of 153056 bytes.


I assume that qspi flash operations take a little longer, but we are no where near erasing our maximum before we get the comms timeout.


Can this timeout be increased?