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Can't debug using Segger Tunnel Server

Question asked by Andrew Walsh on Dec 3, 2019
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I've been trying to debug with MCUXpresso 10.3.1, using a remote Segger J-Link (on a different site); the J-Link is connected via J-Link remote server to the SEGGER Tunnel Server (6.48b, matching the firmware in the J-Link).


When I try to debug using MCUXpresso, it manages to connect to the debugger, and the attached target PCB (an IMXRT1052, if that makes any difference), but it fails with a timeout. The message is:


Remote replied unexpectedly to 'vMustReplyEmpty': timeout


I've tried adding a run command "monitor sleep 500", as suggested in a different thread, but this does not seem to make any difference. Any ideas as to how I could to deal with this?


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