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Question asked by song zhiyuan on Nov 26, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2019 by song zhiyuan

I use the imx6 development board and the camera is OV5640。

My I2C is working normally and can send and receive data to the camera。

When I've configured the mipicsi register,and send the camera data of 30 frames of 640x480 pixels to the camera,I can see that the value of the status register in the mipicsi register is changed to 0x330,and channel 0 and channel 1 stop bits transform between 0 and 1。The error status register is first non-zero and then zero。Is that what mipicsi and camera drivers are supposed to look like?

The data collected by the camera should be transmitted through the IPU,If I don't show it it should be CSI-> smfc-> IDMAC。So where is the data ultimately collected by the camera? I found a cpmem structure,What does cpmem do?

Next do I just enable MIPI, idmac 0lane, SMFC, csi, and set up SMFC map and bs. The camera is working, collecting data, right?

The focus is still to collect the data in which is not clear, do not understand.