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How does the coordinator receive Update device message

Discussion created by tianheng han on Nov 21, 2019
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Hi,Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez

My question is how the coordinator receives this offline notification after the subdevice leaves through the routing device.  Seung Ho Kim


I read your previous reply to this question, you mean that when there is a message to update the device, the coordinator can pass aps data After the arrival of this event, read the contents of this event. But in fact, when the End device under the route leaves, although there is an update device event sent to the coordinator, the coordinator does not generate any events here, so there is no entry to extract the data in the update Device message .


Because I have the same problem with Seung Ho Kim, and the information it provides is complete, so I borrowed the screenshot from Seung Ho Kim, and I'm in the same situation as him, and here's to thank Seung Ho Kim


My working environment is the coordinator is JN-AN-1216 ,The routing and End devices are JN-AN-1217.SDK is JN-SW-4170


I hope I can get your help.

How do i receive this update device?