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flexio_spi_edma example doesn't work

Question asked by Alexander Haenel-Baas on Oct 24, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2019 by Hui_Ma

Hi everyone,


I would like to test the "flexio_spi_edma_lpspi_transfer_slave" example and it does not work.


We had setup the board (IMXRT1050-EVKB Rev: A1) correctly by removing the R334 resisitor and changing R278,R279,R280 and R281 to 0 Ohm.

The needed connection from J24 to SW5 was also done.

To verify the board settings, I can execute the example "flexio_spi_int_lpspi_transfer_slave", and it works fine.


But if the edma example is started, the slave will never finish.

We are waiting at this code position because the isSlaveTransferCompleted is false and the isMasterTransferCompleted is true.

 /* Wait slave received all data. */
    while (!(isSlaveTransferCompleted && isMasterTransferCompleted))


Wenn I look in the slaveRxBuffer I see:


slaveRxData[0] = 0; <- this is wrong

slaveRxData[1] = 0;

slaveRxData[2] = 1;

slaveRxData[3] = 2;


I think this is the problem. The slave can't read der correct transfer size. We miss the first bytes and the slave is never finished.

What can I do to get the edma example to work?


Best regards