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NXP-MCUBootUtility 2.0.0 - SREC file not recognized

Question asked by David Rodgers on Oct 14, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2019 by David Rodgers

I'm trying to use the MCU Boot Utility (version 2.0.0) to flash load my custom board.  I've done this operation successfully in the past, which is why I'm confused as to why the operation is now failing.


I start the utility, and by picking the right settings (IS25LP064A flash, Set StatusReg1[6] for quad, Has Option1, Enable Second Pinmux), I am able to connect to the USB bootloader without issue.  However, I don't even need to do that part to encounter the bug.  In the center green window, I select the SREC file that is generated from my project using arm-none-eabi-objcopy, I select "Motorola S-Records", and I click "Generate Unsigned Bootable Image".  After a couple of seconds, I get this dialog (redacted to remove project name):

MCU Boot Utility cannot recognize SREC file format


What the heck, this used to work fine.  (I learned early on, don't try to feed it a raw AXF file, it gets very confused.)  So, I modify my build script to generate an Intel HEX file as well as an SREC file.  I then change the source file to the IHEX file, change the type to "Intel Extended Hex", and click "Generate Unsigned Bootable Image".  A couple of seconds later, this pops up:

MCU Boot Utility cannot recognize SREC file format


Now it's apparently complaining about the intermediate file (HEX --> SREC) it's creating in the working directory.  I take a look, and the working file is pretty darn close to my original SREC file.  Dismissing that dialog, it then unhelpfully tells me:

MCU Boot Utility cannot recognize SREC file format


I've programmed my custom board successfully in the past using the utility.  But it's flat out refusing to accept the SREC image I give it, or recognize the SREC image that it creates for itself when given a HEX file.  What gives?  I've attached my SREC and HEX files if you want to see what's happening underneath the hood.  For what it's worth, I can generate a bootable file from the RT1050 Qt Thermostat Demo HEX file just fine, and that's twice the size of my project.  Hopefully you can figure out what's breaking, because right now, this is the only utility I know of that can program an RT1050 over USB, and our customer needs this for a demo in two weeks.  Thanks.


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