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SRAM Data Retention during VLLS2 Power Mode

Question asked by SARAN V S on Oct 13, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2019 by Sebastián Del Río

Hi Team,

                    I am using MKW40Z160 controller in my project. The controller will  initially do all the configurations and it will go into shelf mode ( VLLS2), Upon button press it will wake from sleep mode and if no other intervention seems to happen within 5 sec it will again go into shelf mode. we will be logging those button press which are meant to wake the controller from shelf mode. I am facing with an issue in logging this count as it doesn't seems to incrementing(i.e,we checked the memory location using IAR Workbench Memory live update, in that the variable will  increment once the button is pressed, and once the controller goes to sleep the variable again resets to zero (i.e, the SRAM segment data retention doesn't happen for this updation). we placed the variable in the address location 0x2000_0000, as per below image this section of SRAM will retain the data during low power modes. In normal power modes it's working fine. Need support to rectify this issue. 




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