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RC522. Communication with an active PICC

Question asked by Carlos Canon Torrecillas on Oct 8, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2019 by Kan_Li

Hi to all,


I'm trying to work with the RC522 reader and an active PICC (AS3953 from AMS). So far I have been able to set both at ISO 14443A Level-4 Protocol Mode. So now I should be able to communicate in both ways. I'm able to send data from PCD-->PICC, but no the other way. PCD buffer remains empty after sending data. I'm afraid that the problem could be the prologue.


I have read that The ISO 144443A Logic recognizes the command by observing the first received byte. The next picture is a screenshot of the PICC datasheet, where I can see the meaning of the first byte of the ISO block.



My question is, is there any table, similar to the previous one, but with the values of the first byte of the ISO 14443-4 PICC block


Thanks a lot, 

Carlos Canón