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PCIe reset for T1042

Question asked by utkarsh rawat on Sep 10, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2019 by Bulat Karymov

Hi All 

I am referring QorIQ T1040 Reference Manual  for my board T1042 where I want to reset the only pcie . But I could not able to find out how to reset the pcie .

Then I referred QorIQ T1040 Reference Design Board User Guide where I found out CPLD under that RSTCON2 register from which I can reset the PCIe 

After memory mapping for the for RSTCON2 register on my vxworks platform I tried to write 1 to clear for resetting the PCIe , but not sure whether it got reset or not . 

When I read default value RSTCON2 it was 0xFF ,but after writing also on pcie bit  its still 0xFF . (no change)


I have few question related to my comments 


1. How can I know CPLD is present on my target board T1042 since in refernce manual I could not find out anything related to that. 


2.Is there any other way I can reset only pcie interface . 


Thanks in advance