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convert YUY2 to openCV's BGR

Question asked by Weide Ding on Sep 5, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2019 by Weide Ding

I am using MX8MQ, never met these kind of troubles since from mx51,mx6 before, so discouraged.


My project has to convert camera's data YUY2 to BGR, which openCV needs for computer vision. gstreamer 'videoconvert' plugin SW way, it is too slowly, 400ms/frame for 1080P. 


Unfortunately, MX8MQ does not support 2D, it means we cannot use gstreamer plugin imxvideoconvert_g2d to convert by GPU hardware. Tried to use openCL over GPU, it was working, but reading data from GPU takes 70ms as I descibed in blew link:

use GPU openCL to convert YUY2 to RGB 


I tried to third way,  use VPU to get RGB from output, but VPU output format only supports YUV format(typical format NV12). If it is working, then i will do: camera YUY2->encode h264-> vpudec->BGR.  Is it possible to make VPU to output BGR instead of NV12?


I know MX8MQ does not support encode h264 by VPU, only has to use SW.  It will also take much cpu.