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error: expression .... ->CCM_Type::ROOT[0].CCM_Type::<unnamed struct>::TARGET_ROOT' has side-effects    kCLOCK_RootM4_1 = (uint32_t)(&((CCM_Type*) ... ->ROOT[0].TARGET_ROOT),

Question asked by Thomas Orsi on Sep 3, 2019

The solution to this problem is to use the offsetof, review this single line in the fsl_clock.h that needs propagated for both enums that use the CCM macro and all their entries. 



/*! @brief ccm root name used to get clock frequency. */
typedef enum _clock_root_control
kCLOCK_RootM4 = (uint32_t)CCM_BASE+offsetof(CCM_Type,ROOT[1].TARGET_ROOT), /*!< ARM Cortex-M4 Clock control name.*/