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Should I use extended self-refresh tempeture mode for my customer DDR3

Question asked by Azmat Liu on Aug 30, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2019 by igorpadykov

Hi community,

   I use a new DDR3(W632GU6MB12A) for my customer board(I.MX6D) and the board get stuck at high ambient temperature sometimes.So I measure the temperature of the DDR3 and it is 93 degree. Accordding to the DDR3 data sheet:

   The case temperature can not be less than -40 or greater than +95. JEDEC specification require the refresh rate to double when Tcase exceed +85.

   So what should I do to fit this feature?Can I just change the configuration of the <DDR3 Script Aid.xlsx>

to double the refresh rate when Tcase come to +85 to +95?



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