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RT1051 Project SEMC DEBUG Failure

Question asked by Rubens Junior on Jul 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2019 by Kerry Zhou

Dear Kerry Zhou and friends,


We are developing a project to use the MIMXRT1051 processor and have developed an electrical scheme based on the EVKBIMXRT1050 development kit. Our wiring diagram is simpler than that of the kit because we don't need all the features the kit has. After drawing the electrical scheme we made a layout and made a printed circuit board to assemble the circuit. After assembling the circuit, we are trying to run the evkbimxrt1050_semc example, but in doing so we run into a problem because the firmware burn occurs, but we cannot debug it. In our circuit there is no switch SW7 (present in the kit) to select the boot memory. We do not put this switch in our circuit as we are only using flash memory, in this case flash QSPI memory. But now we are imagining that the lack of this key may be the cause of the problem, so we are unable to run the sample firmware. We even tried to plug a switch on the board, or even pull-up resistors, but it was not possible because the processor package is BGA. We ask your help to find a solution to run this example, such as a bypass suggestion in the sample code, so that it does not consider the SW7 key. Below is a picture of where we are, and our wiring diagram is attached.