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How to connect to external SRAM by SEMC interface of RT1052?

Question asked by guanghui he on Jun 14, 2019
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As we known, the SEMC interface of rt1052 supports to access SRAM memory. Here we have a chip operated by setting SRAM, which is adv212 and the rt1052 act as the host. The following is the adv212’s operation sequence diagram, we notice that it has the ACK signal, but the rt1052 only has SEMC_RDY pin. Whether the SEMC_RDY pin is the actual ACK pin, can we connect the SEMC_RDY pin of rt1052 to the adv212’s ACK pin? If no, which one can connect to the ACK pin?



ADV212 Write operation,

ADV212 Read operation,

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