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KV46F256 flash write acces pb when interrupt activated

Question asked by MERIGOT BERTRAND on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2019 by Mark Butcher

Hello Everyone

I've a problem: I am using KV46F256VLL16 on MCUXPRESSO environment

I have to store periodically some parameters in Flash memory.

In a first step, when I disable the interrupt the writing in flash goes well (Erase / VerifyErase / Program / VerifyProgram sequence)

I would like to keep my interrupt activated during the writing.

I build a RAM_vector section as described in the forum

where I already moved interrupt section from FLASH to RAM first => (I always need to inactivate interrupt to make it working well - interrupt running well in RAM )

Secondly, I moved the code of interrupt from FLASH to RAM also => (same result - code running well in RAM but access to flash write not possible with interrupt activated)

(I use read carefully the AN4695 / AN4507)

I still get a boot when I try to pass a flash write command when interrupt are activated - any idea ?