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MPC5746c TFUF bit is set(DSPI_SR) after certain transaction and MPC5746c not get detected in PEMicro if we stop the flashing in between

Question asked by Sumeet Sahu on May 31, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2019 by Sumeet Sahu

Hi David Tosenovjan,


I have two queries wrt MPC5746C controller:

1> Host(Master) communication with MPC(Slave) is SPI. So host transfer from host 54bytes at a time to MPC via SPI.

Generally we use DMA based SPI in MPC5746c(SPI Slave). We see that after some point the TFUF bit is set, the SPI transaction is failed. Issue reproed rate is (4/5)
If we lower the spi frequency(5MHz to 1MHz) in Host side the issue reproed rate is less. (rate  is 1/5)
it is quite simmilar to this thread:

Also i want to know how to set the XBAR settings in MPC5746C
DSPI_SR status during succes case: 0xC1853100

DSPI_SR status during issue case: 0xC9853100

2> During flashing of elf through PEMicro if we stop the flashing in between, then PEMicro is not able to detect the MPC5746C.

I just want to know how to recover the MPC5746C in this condition.
Also do you have any utility to flash the MPC5746C in Linux, so that we can use that utility instead of using PEMicro Multilink Hardware.

Appreciate if you can comment on this.

Waiting for your reply