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Purchasing Correct Development Tools

Question asked by Michael Wilson on May 26, 2019
Latest reply on May 30, 2019 by jimmychan

I am a Senior Software Engineer and a systems programmer, but don't have a ton of experience in hardware design. Please consider me inexperienced for the following question.


I am wanting to evaluate NXP's MFRC630 (product) and MFRC630 plus (product) for use in a board game consumer product (similar to the published use case). This product will include 8-12 readers all connected to a single micro, single board computer (The Raspberry Pi Zero W for prototyping, at least). I need to design antennas for the MFRC* chip and an interface wire it up to the Raspberry PI. Ideally, all of the antenna interfaces and controller interfaces would be on a single PCB, which then has the various antennas and raspberry pi connected to it.


After much research, I am excited to get started building a prototype, but wanted to make sure I was purchasing and using the correct tools and resources. 


For development, I was intending on getting samples for

- MFRC 630

- MFRC 630plus


And purchasing the 

- OM29263ADK: NFC Antenna Development Kit

- CLEV6630A: MFRC630 and SLRC610 NFC Frontend Development Board


Though I wasn't sure if I wanted the CLEV6630A or the OM26630FDK as the development board.


I was then going to begin with the resources:

Design your NFC Antenna Training

- Antenna Design Guide


And figure out where to go from there. Am I on the right track? Is there a different development board I should purchase?


Thank you for your help.