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QN9080dk take around 600uA current after 30-40sec in PD0

Question asked by Bhavesh Shah on May 17, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2020 by Jose Raffucci



My end requirement is to run QN9080 in low power down mode PD0 with very high BLE advertising interval (~20 seconds).

I am using the QN9080dk board and testing on "qn908xcdk_wireless_examples_bluetooth_power_profiling_freertos" of SDK version 2.2.0. 


When I test the example without any change, in power down mode PD0 by pressing button-1 it takes around ~2.30 uA, which is as expected.


But it starts taking very high current around ~600uA after 30 to 40 seconds.

It happens every time. 


I modified the code a bit and make controller go to PD0 mode directly after power up. There also it takes ~2.3 uA for first 30 to 40 seconds after that it starts taking high current arouond ~600uA. 

I haven't started BLE advertising yet.


Now I debugged  into the code and came to know this case dose not take higher current more than expected current when I comment out the " OSC_EN as interrupt and wakeup source" from "PWRLib_Init()" function,

But it is require to use BLE and low power timers. 

And another thing I found that QN9080 board starts taking higher current only after when there is any pending "OSC_IRQn" interrupt. 


In attachment there are some screen shots of current consumption which describe the behavior mentioned above.

screen-shot 1 to 4 are screenshot of controller in PD0 mode without BLE
screen-shot 5 and 6 are from unchanged sdk example "qn908xcdk_wireless_examples_bluetooth_power_profiling_freertos" in PD0 with BLE advertisement mode


Can you guys please help me finding the reason behind this extra current?