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kinetis frdm-k22f printf redirection

Question asked by kim sanghyun on Apr 22, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2019 by kim sanghyun

when i download kinetis sdk (via sdk generator), there is demo apps.

and default printf function in demo app's output is directed to UART1.


i want to redirect printf function to SWO output (j-link). but i can't find it.


MCUXpresso configtool has no SWO feature (peripherals)

and also SDK generator does not have it.


so, for redirect printf output to SWO,

Is there a way to generate code using the tool (MCUXpresso, SDK generator, .... ) ?
or is there any sample project using SWO ?
** IDE : IAR embedded workbench
** Debugger : J-Link SWD connection
** target board : FRDM-K22F