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MKE04Z8VWJ4 negRESET driven low but reset pin disabled

Question asked by Marco Iannelli on Apr 16, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2019 by Kerry Zhou

Good morning,

I have a problem and i don't know how to solve:

in a custom board i'm using MKE04Z8VWJ4 programmed with codewarrior.

the reset pin PTA5 i use it as input I connect a resistence divider 1k and 1k and a cap 100nF and a zener 5,1 V to protect, normaly the input is low.

When I power on the board and the controller doesen't work (i connect 7 segment to other output and doesen't works), seems to enter in a strange mode, when i press the button i drive to 1 the input and the microcontroller wakes up ad run normaly.

If i disconnect the resistence that drive low the input, this strange behavior doesen't appeare.


How can i solve the issue by software?