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MPC5744P - SPI change clock polarity between chip selects (CTAR)

Question asked by manexagirrezabalaga on Apr 3, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2019 by chendong

I'm interested in connecting two devices to the same SPI bus which differ on the idle clock polarity (defined as CPOL).


The MPC5744P i'm working on provides a clever resource to deal with this, which are the CTAR registers and the CTAS field when performing a TX write.


However, I have a question I've been unable to answer reading through the documentation. 


If transfer #0 is made to CS0 with CPOL=0 (using CTAR0 config), and then transfer #1 is made to CS1 with CPOL=1 (using CTAR1 config):


a) Clock polarization change happens before CS assert (ideal)

b) Clock polarization change happens after CS assert (unfeasible, as the clock change may count as a valid shift)


Please provide me with evidence on documentation of either answer, as this will condition my entire design.


Best regards