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LPC54S608J512 and MCUXpresso 10.1.0 589 - Debug wont launch  "Awaiting telnet connection to port 3330 ..."

Question asked by Derek Robertson on Apr 2, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2019 by jeremyzhou

I have been working with LPC54S608J512 and MCUXpresso 10.1.0 589, for several months.  Suddenly I can't get a debug session to launch it gets stuck at "Awaiting telnet connection to port 3330 ...".   I have tried the following.


  • Created a new debug session - still get "Awaiting telnet connection to port 3330 ..."
  • Got a colleague to run up a debug session on my Target Hardware and Link2 - this worked fine so PCB, Link2 and cables all good.
  • Used my Link2 and LPCXpresso(V7.7.2) on my PC to run a debug session on a LPC43S20 based target. This also worked fine.
  • I have switched AV software off and firewall off - still get "Awaiting telnet connection to port 3330 ..."
  • Reinstalled MCUXpresso.


Anyone got any ideas?


Full console output below.






MCUXpresso RedlinkMulti Driver v10.1 (Nov  9 2017 16:45:39 - crt_emu_cm_redlink build 360)
Found chip XML file in C:<xxx>/Output\LPC54608J512.xml
Reconnected to existing redlink server (PID 4294967295)
Connecting to probe 1 core 0 (server PID unknown) gave 'OK'
Probe Firmware: LPC-LINK2 CMSIS-DAP V5.183 (NXP Semiconductors)
Serial Number:  IWFWOVIV
VID:PID:  1FC9:0090
USB Path: \\?\hid#vid_1fc9&pid_0090&mi_00#7&2c2206df&0&0000#{4d1e55b2-f16f-11cf-88cb-001111000030}
debug interface type      = Cortex-M3/4 (DAP DP ID 2BA01477) over SWD
processor type            = Cortex-M4 (CPU ID 410FC240)
number of h/w breakpoints = 6
number of flash patches   = 2
number of h/w watchpoints = 4
Probe(0): Connected&Reset. DpID: 2BA01477. CpuID: 410FC240. Info: <None>
Debug protocol: SWD. RTCK: Disabled. Vector catch: Disabled.
Content of CoreSight Debug ROM(s):
RBASE E00FF000: CID B105100D PID 04000BB4C4 ROM dev (type 0x1)
ROM 1 E000E000: CID B105E00D PID 04000BB00C ChipIP dev SCS (type 0x0)
ROM 1 E0001000: CID B105E00D PID 04003BB002 ChipIP dev DWT (type 0x0)
ROM 1 E0002000: CID B105E00D PID 04002BB003 ChipIP dev FPB (type 0x0)
ROM 1 E0000000: CID B105E00D PID 04003BB001 ChipIP dev ITM (type 0x0)
ROM 1 E0040000: CID B105900D PID 04000BB9A1 CoreSight dev TPIU type 0x11 Trace Sink - TPIU
ROM 1 E0041000: CID B105900D PID 04000BB925 CoreSight dev ETM type 0x13 Trace Source - core
Inspected v.2 On-chip Flash Memory LPC5460x_512K.cfx
Image 'LPC5460x (512K Flash) Oct  3 2016 17:52:49'
Inspected v.2 External Flash Device on SPI using SPIFI lib LPC5460x_SPIFI_GENERIC.cfx
Image 'LPC5460x Generic SPIFI Sep 25 2017 16:15:07'
Opening flash driver LPC5460x_SPIFI_GENERIC.cfx
Sending VECTRESET to run flash driver
flash variant 'W25Q64FV' detected (8MB = 128*64K at 0x10000000)
Closing flash driver LPC5460x_SPIFI_GENERIC.cfx
NXP: LPC54608J512
Connected: was_reset=false. was_stopped=true
MCUXpressoPro Full License - Unlimited
Awaiting telnet connection to port 3330 ...