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MX8EVK no_hdmi requires HDMI

Question asked by Ray Mack on Mar 19, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by Ray Mack

Why does the imx-boot-imx8mqevk-sd.bin-flash_evk_no_hdmi still look for HDMI?


I have a board that is more or less a clone of the EVK but does not implement HDMI. I am not surprised (but disappointed) that the "normal" uBoot stalls and waits forever for HDMI to be present so the system never actually boots. I found the "no_hdmi" version of uBoot and reasonably expected that version to ignore HDMI. Boy, was I wrong. It does exactly the same thing. It finds no panel connected and switches to HDMI at 1280x720.


Why does that happen? What does "no_hdmi" in the mane really mean in this case?