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LPC1769 / OM13085 startup example

Question asked by Luca Matteini on Mar 19, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2019 by jeremyzhou

Can I find anywhere a startup documentation example of this configuration?

I mean, I installed latest MCUXpresso, found a lot of data spread everywhere, but not a single guide to a silly application to test the system.

I created an application, but suddenly I see I have no Config Tools: the "MCUXpresso IDE user guide" mentions only how to work with an already present configuration. So I downloaded latest MCUXpresso Config Tools, but again I have no example or real guide on how to create this darned configuration - if I try to create it for a processor or stand alone board, it knows how to do it only for a subset of products (the latest?)

My horrible feeling is to be in an unruly mess of documentation, where no one has the guts to put some order, cause the parts are too many, with too many features and too many software options... Or... I'm simply wrong and ignorant: this is what I strongly hope! Please, confirm it!