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S12ZVC EEPROM Dump by IEE1_GetByte 

Question asked by Jinliang Sun on Mar 11, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2019 by Jinliang Sun

Hi Support Team,


I try to dump the data stored in the internal EEPROM of S12ZVC . The data is partly written by function IEE1_SetWord and others by IEE1_SetByte(in generated file IEE1.c).


When I try to dump all the data by IEE1_GetByte, I can not get the correct value written by IEE1_SetWord. For example if the data is written as 0xABCD by IEE1_SetWord, the 2 bytes read by IEE1_GetByte is 0xAB,0xFF but not 0xAB, 0xCD as my expected.


Is the EEPROM organized differently than other external EEPROM?