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MC9S08PL16 Bootloader Example

Question asked by 0800200c9a66 on Mar 9, 2019
Latest reply on May 15, 2019 by Tony Papadimitriou


I am in need of a concrete example showing how to implement the Developer’s Serial Bootloader from AN2295 on an MC9S08PL16.


I have been researching how to implement this, but seem to be plagued with dead links, incomplete download packages, and a general lack of awareness on how this needs to be completed.


I would like to know where to obtain the bootloader slave firmware, and how to configure/install it on the MC9S08PL16 processor. 


I would like to know where to obtain the host application and how to configure/load the s19 file over serial to the slave.


In my specific case, I have written an application with Processor Expert in CW 11.1. I am able to load this application and debug/run on the MC9S08PL16 using a PE Multilink Universal. My application makes use of the watchdog timer, SCI0, MTIM0, and a few GPIO. Now, I would like to add the bootloader to be able to load new application firmware over serial.


Please let me know if you have experience bootloading this uC.